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My Top 15 Naruto Couples by SakuraNeedSasuke
My Top 15 Naruto Couples
1. SasuSaku My OTP I love them since the beginning they are perfect for each other! And they having little Sarada Anna squee 

2. Shikaino ... well first of all congratulation to all ShikaTema fans!Pikachu Loves It Plz  ^^ It was close but you won!  BUT I will always love and support ShikaIno they are my loving couple my number oneFREE flying hearts Icon  if there isn´t SasuSaku. I  understand that the InoShikaCho formation has to life one. But why not with ShikaIno twins this would make it too.....! Anyway I will ship them till I die!

3.GaaMatsu. Totally love this Parring. First of all because they look so adorable together! Than I can´t understand why sooooo manny people hate Matsui she was the first person besides his family and Naruto who didn´t got scarred of him and liked him who he was! So what is wrong wth that! We do not know her so why do you have prejudice?Usui-Fight (Takumi Usui)  Sakura was a Fangirl of Sasuke too and now she is his wife so what Maybe Matsuri did change too?

4. ItaKari.... yeha a couple who got not such a big support!  But I freaking loving them. I mean If Karin loved Sasuke so much... how would she react if she had meet ItachiThem eyebrows ... The most handsome man in Naruto and he could gife her more love than Sasuke! they could have litte Uchiha and Uzumaki children and we wouldn´t have to wait of Sasuke and Narutos grandchildren. Sadly Itachi is death and we don´t know what happend to Karin. But I will love them and in all my FanFictions about Naruto they will always come together ^^

5. Deidara x Kurotsuchi Such a loving and tragig parring couldn´t get together because Deidara-Kun died!Sayu Crying Icon I am one of the few Deidara fans who loves him With Kurotsuchi and not with Sasori, Itachi, or Tobi
 Anyway If he would be alive they would make a cute couple! Thats what I think!

6.NejiTen... Did I have to say more than perfect? But kishi did not fulfill our wish!Miuna Crying Icon 

7.KakaRin Yes again dancing of the line! She loved Kakashi and Not obito even if he was in love with her. Was the same situation with Naruto and Sakura... she did not loved him she loves Sasuke and same goes for Rin she loved Kakashi ;) I know is not a good point but I don´t care ^^ It is my oppinion so deal with it Wink/Razz Love 

8.NaruHina. So perfect for each other. The are not in my top 5 because I loved other parrings more. But that dosn´t mean that I hate them you see they are in my top 10 and I support them the same as the other parrings below and I love Himawari & Boruto <3 they are so cute!

9. Again and again dancing besides the line! No Jirajah x Tsunade for me ^^! Dan x Tsunade is better Because he was her fiancé and because she loved him so much that she never got over her first love!

10. Kotetsu x Shizune. Also an not so popular couple! Not because the people don´t like them together it is more that they do not think about them as a couple! ^^ Anyway Love them!

11. Kankuro x Sari first it was just so that Kankuro can get a girl to and because I did not like Gaara x Sari together! But than with the time I was more and more in love with them! They could make a grate and cute couple!

12.Kiba x Karui! Yes I am ok with Choji & Karui together. But it was from the beginngin of her first apperience that I was in love with the Idea of Kiba and Karui together! In one of my fanfics they will also come together Choji died together wit Temari and Sai on a mission and Kiba will comfort her to her lost! So in this story ChoCho , InoJin and Shikadai will still exist there parrents just got new partners and they will having new siblings
like ShikaIno will having a daughter and will adoped each other child so that they can be a family! Also Kiba and Karui will have a child together and so will ChoCho be a big sister! I know it is mean that I kill Temari, Choji and Sai... but this was my idea! Still love those charackters just not with those partners together ^^

13. Hidan x Temari oh yes I totaly love this ship! They would be perfect together! I really do like them!Draw Foxy like one of your French Girls (chat icon 

14. Shino x Hana it was the same with Kankuro and Sari! First I put them together so that Shino won´t be alone but than they get me on the train and I totally support them!

15. and last but no least! Mei and Suigetsu. Even if he is younger than her! I beg she would like him and I mean lava and water, ying and yang besides opposites attracts Love

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